Meccanica BPR

Meccanica Bpr is a company with fifty years of experience in the production of high precision mechanical parts. We mainly work in high-end fields, primarily in Aerospace aiming to efficiency, quality, dynamism and versatility.

Offering a buy & forget service, we handle, keep control and full traceability of every production step, releasing conformance, treatment and material certificates.

Moving from the customers’ drawings or from their 3D models Meccanica Bpr is able to build, not only single critical parts, but also assemblies (including the provision of certified commercial off-the-shelf components); starting from the supplying of raw material, passing through heat and surface treatments, to the final assembly, Meccanica Bpr gives its customers a complete product.

Our core businesses are the design and the production of high precision gears, micro-gears, planetary gear reducers, gearboxes, transmissions, actuators, sleeve and spool valves or any other high precision part even requesting a toothing.

Meccanica Bpr is fully capable of developing, co-designing and producing special equipment for both civilian and military aerospace application according to customer’s specifications.