The origins of Meccanica Bpr could be traced back to the 1970 when its founder and previous owner, trained in SAAB aeronautics in Linköping (Sweden), decided to come back in Italy to face a new challenge opening the Officina Meccanica Brizio Renato.

In its first years the company increased its technical and technological capability aiming to high-value added sectors such as machine tool, automotive, chemistry and building special machines and high precision mandrels.

In 1984, with the entrance of new partners, Officina Meccanica Brizio Renato became Meccanica Bpr s.n.c. di Brizio Renato e C..

In the following years Meccanica Bpr, increasing its know-how, begun to cooperate with several aeronautical companies heading also to this field.

In 2010 Meccanica Bpr, challenging the global economical crisis, thanks to the entrance of a new management, decided to innovate its productivity process enacting a wide development program and targeting mainly the aerospace sector.

Now, together with the usual high quality production of parts and assemblies, Meccanica Bpr is able to offer a total control of its production process thanks to its engineering office and its advanced metrology room.